SHINee – Ring Ding Dong Remix mp3

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[Remix] SHINee

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[Remix] SHINee vs G Dragon vs Super Junior vs Britney Sprears

credit : Yigytugd

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SHINee Replay balad version + ring ding dong (Sweet Sorrow)

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SHINee arrived in Singapore!

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A huge turn-out of crowd flood the whole terminal at Changi Airport ! Fans of SHINee were anxiously waiting for the boy group to arrive at 8.45pm.

However, things didn’t turn out as planned. SHINee arrived at a much later time – around 10pm. Even though it was rather late, the whole crowd still waited for the members arrival.

Obviously, no one expected the huge amount of fans to be present.

The security was rather bad as some fans even jumped out of the barrier. As reported, Onew looked a little injured and walked slowly, while fans made use of the chance to touch him.

Basically, the whole situation was way out of control.

Anyway, I felt lucky for SHINee to have gathered such huge support from fans in Singapore.
Also, wishing them all the best in their stay in Singapore !

— SHINee’s remaining itinerary –

Fans autograph session

Date: 31 January
Time: 1.30pm
Location: Lot One, Roof Garden Level 5

Oh Joonsung Drama Concert – Music from Korean Drama Favourites

Date: 1 & 2 February
Time: 7.30pm (90 minutes)
Location: Esplanade Theaters on the Bay

Ticket priced at $150, $130, $110, $90 (Special promotional prices at $90 and $75 are available for students and the elderly)

Credit : kankokukankoku

Annousment !

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Lee Minho hold a fanmeeting in Singapore

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Boys Over Flowers Heartthrob Minho Lee mengadakan fanmeeting spontan di Singapura!

Acara ini diselenggarakan pada tanggal 21 di Max Pavilion dan menandai kunjungan yang kedua ke negara ini /indonesia kapan dah, ckck -,-

oia, min ho juga menyanyikan lagunya yaitu My Everything 😀

dan sebelumnya ia telah berkunjung ke Osaka, Japan, China dan Taiwan /ck, sibuknyaaaaa ^_____________^

Super Junior – 2nd Concert MP3

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Sorry Sorry – Answers (Studio ver.) Donwload MP3

It’s U (Rearranged) Download MP3

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Big Bang – Japanesse 3rb Single

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Let Me Hear Your Voice   download mp3

Ora Yeah     download mp3

Let Me Hear Your Voice  – Accoustic version-    download mp3

CL & MINZY (2NE1) – Please Don’t Go mp3

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Because I am Stupid (Accoustic Version) – Kim Hyun Joong mp3

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credit : XxtenerifexX